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2023-P-521 | 13.8v LoRa APRS Tracker 433 500mW

2023-P-521 | 13.8v LoRa APRS Tracker 433 500mW

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Introducing the groundbreaking LoRa APRS Tracker tailored for automobiles – a compact marvel built around the RP2040 chip from Raspberry Pi, designed to elevate your journey with unmatched monitoring capabilities. This sophisticated tracker not only navigates your course but also offers invaluable insights into your vehicle's performance. With a primary focus on satellite connectivity, voltage monitoring, and optional environmental sensors, this device is an essential for the modern ham-radio enthusiast.

Harnessing the power of the robust RP2040 chip, our tracker features a seamless LoRa (Long Range) communication system, establishing a reliable link with satellites for optimal signal strength, ensuring accurate and real-time positioning. Stay informed about your vehicle's location, speed, and trajectory with precision, as the tracker meticulously logs the number of satellites within its reach, promising a dependable and secure connection.

Yet, the LoRa APRS Tracker surpasses traditional tracking devices by integrating advanced features like voltage monitoring. Keep a vigilant eye on your vehicle's power supply, gaining insights into its overall health and performance. This proactive approach empowers you to address potential issues before they escalate.

For enthusiasts seeking comprehensive environmental data, the optional temperature and humidity sensor introduce an additional layer of sophistication, allowing you to monitor the internal conditions of your vehicle with unparalleled precision.

With an impressive 500mW output power, this tracker ensures robust and efficient communication over extended ranges. Embrace the future of vehicle tracking and monitoring with a device that goes beyond the basics – the RF.Guru LoRa APRS Tracker, featuring the Raspberry Pi RP2040 chip, is your companion for a connected and informed travel experience.

Optional GPS Antenna

Siretta Small Footprint GPS antenna.

Optional LoRa 433 Antenna

RF Solutions presents a +3dBi adhesive bar antenna, featuring a 2m long cable with an SMA connector for discreet operation.


  • PCB ENIG (Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold)
  • RP2040 with 2MB flash
  • RFM LoRa 433 chip
  • Output power 27dBm / 500mW
  • USB-C for firmware and software update's
  • 13.8V Power Pole socket
  • Power LED
  • GPS Locked LED
  • APRS Packet TX LED
  • 3.7W when transmitting
  • less then 0.5W when in idle mode

Kit Components

  • 2x Ferrite Bead
  • 1x 4 pins Jack Connector
  • 1x Enig PCB
  • 1x PP45 connector
  • 2x PP45 contact pins
  • 2x SMA jack female


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