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2022-PA-090 | Assembled HAMPwr+ USB-C PD to 14.8V

2022-PA-090 | Assembled HAMPwr+ USB-C PD to 14.8V

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Join the league of tech-savvy enthusiasts who already rely on USB-C PD power banks or chargers for their daily devices.

Now, with our cutting-edge HAMPwr+, you can elevate your experience even further. Seamlessly power or charge your QRP or mobile ham rig using the same reliable USB-C PD power bank or charger you trust for your tablets, laptops, or phones. Our innovative solution features a built-in voltage lock indicator watch as the lock LED illuminates, ensuring a steady 14.8V output to your device. Say hello to convenience and reliability like never before with HAMPwr+.


Operating in tandem with the CH224K chip, this product seamlessly communicates with your USB-C PD power bank or charger, specifically requesting a 14V supply. The LED indicator serves as a confirmation of compatibility, ensuring the USB-C PD device can indeed deliver this voltage. Utilizing capacitors and inductors, the system efficiently filters out any unwanted common mode and differential mode noise before transmitting power to the RIG, guaranteeing optimal performance.

Compatible/Tested QRP rigs

  • ICOM 705
  • Yaesu FT-818/817
  • laboratory 599 DISCOVERY and many more ...


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