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2023-F-040 | Multi Use RVS Ground Peg

2023-F-040 | Multi Use RVS Ground Peg

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Experience the ultimate versatility with our innovative Ground Peg, designed to cater to a wide range of applications. From ensuring a solid ground for your feedlines at the antenna to safeguarding your shack's connection and a rock-solid guy stake for antennas, this all-in-one solution has got you covered. Elevate your grounding game with our Multi-Purpose Ground Peg – the one-stop solution for all your grounding needs. Secure, adaptable, and designed to last, it's a must-have addition to your setup.


  • Grounding Excellence: The Ground Peg functions flawlessly as both a grounding tool for your feedlines and a rock-solid guy stake for antennas. Say goodbye to interference issues, as it guarantees a stable connection, regardless of the weather.
  • Universal Connectivity: Our Ground Peg's bulkhead is equipped with a female N to N connector. Need different connections? No problem. We offer adapters for PL, F, and BNC connectors, ensuring compatibility for various setups.
  • Permanent Installation Option: If you're looking to create a lasting concrete installation, you'll find two dedicated holes included, ready for threaded rod insertion.
  • Interconnection: Multiple holes are strategically placed for easy attachment of grounding straps, allowing seamless interconnection. Maximize its potential by linking it to your house's grounding system, creating an enhanced equipotential bond.
  • Optional Copper Ground Strap: You have the choice to include an optional tinned copper ground strap, measuring 50cm in length and featuring an M8 connection. This braided strap boasts a substantial cross-sectional area of 36.19mm², perfect for interconnecting components or connecting to your household's grounding system.

Built to Last: Crafted for durability with INOX/RVS316, this peg is a long-term solution.

Mechanical Characteristics

  • Built to last ! INOX/RVS/Stainless steel 316 with a thickness of 4mm, designed for durability in wet and salty environments.
  • The plate's dimensions are 69cm in length and 4.3cm in width on the top side.
  • The holes for optional concrete installation have diameters of 4mm and 8mm.


    • If you choose 1 or 2 adapters, the peg will be equipped with an N-N bulkhead complete with 4 bolts and 4 locknuts, the 2nd adapter is N-X.
    • Opting for the braided strap includes a stainless steel bolt, locknut, lock washer, and washer.
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