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2024-GP-005 | Multiband Vertical HF GP Antenna 80m-10m

2024-GP-005 | Multiband Vertical HF GP Antenna 80m-10m

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Introducing our first inconspicuous HF Antenna – the epitome of hassle-free maintenance!

Crafted with precision, its radiating element boasts a single-piece aluminum construction. The connection between the wire and the unun is reinforced with steel wire, carefully wound over the aluminum resonator and shielded with a seamless silicone seal.

Waterproofing is a breeze – simply focus on the coax connector entering the balun. And to make it even simpler, we provide an additional silicone seal for your convenience.

Enjoy uninterrupted performance without the fuss!

Easy assembly

With its single-piece aluminum radiating element and pre-attached wire, installation becomes a breeze, achievable by a single person. Simply affix the mounting plate onto an RVS pole (42mm) so that it stands approximately 1 meter above ground level. Proceed by linking the radiating element wire to the UNUN and connecting the 1-meter wire from the UNUN's ground connector to the radial plate. Attach the radials to the radial plate and then connect the coaxial cable to the transceiver, ensuring a secure seal with the provided silicone seal. With these steps completed, you're all set to embark on your radio journey!


  • Aluminium radiator
  • Mounting plate for the radiator and unun
  • 4:1 UNUN
  • Silicone seal for the coax connector
  • Radial plate for 8 wiresets
  • Wire set for connecting to the radial plate
  • 8x Radials set of 4 wires 5 meter length


  • 6.3M measured from ground level.
  • Including a 4:1 Unun
  • High efficiency on 30m-10m (usable without a tuner lower then 2.0 SWR)
  • 80m-40m lower efficiency but still very good results (usable with any rig with a build in tuner)
  • 80M SWR 9
  • 60M SWR 4.2
  • 40M SWR 7
  • 30M SWR 1.5
  • 20M SWR 1.1
  • 17M SWR 1.6
  • 15M SWR 1.5
  • 12M SWR 1.7
  • 10M SWR 1.8
  • 6M SWR 1.1

Max. power:

2400 W PeP @ VSWR < 2.0/1 (ICAS)
1200 W PeP @ VSWR < 2.0/1 (CCS)

Remark: For antenna VSWR values of > 2/1, some power de-rating has to be applied. As a rule of thumb, limit power to < 600 W PeP when VSWR is > 3/1 and limit to < 300 W Pep when VSWR is > 5/1.

PSK Reception report (made on 6 and 7 April 2024, running ft8 with 25W power)

Overall Performance (April 6)

Overall Performance (April 7)


10M Band

12M Band

15M Band

17M Band

20M Band

30M Band

40M Band

60M Band

80M Band

Plot 10M

Plot 12M

Plot 15M

Plot 17M

Plot 20M

Plot 30M

Plot 40M

Plot 80M

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