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2022-PA-063 | Assembled RX Galvanic Isolator + Protector + Limiter (1 MHz - 400 MHz)

2022-PA-063 | Assembled RX Galvanic Isolator + Protector + Limiter (1 MHz - 400 MHz)

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Optimized for HF Band (2 Mhz -> 60 Mhz) Limits input RF ! You can keep your TX antennas in close proximity! Common mode noise rejection when used directly at the receiver input. Protects receiver input from ESD or input power damage !


We designed this especially to protect a sensitive receiver front-end against high levels of RF and ESD discharges. This multi-stage design includes a gas discharge tube for maximum ESD protection, high pass filter and rectifier diode as a first stage RF clipper and ESD protection. A MMIC limiter is used limit the RF input (max 32 dBm) to a maximum of 8 dBm at the output. The 1:1 transformer is used to reject common mode and RF strays and provides a galvanic isolation between the receiver and the antenna input.

Placement advice

As close as possible (direct on the connector) on the receiver input.


  • Frequency Range: 1 MHz through 400 MHz
  • Insertion Loss: < 1dB above 3MHz, 1.23dB on 1.9 MHz (160M band)
  • VSWR: < 1.6 above 3 MHz (2.28 on 160M band) (see measurements)
  • Common mode rejection: +-10dB rejection on HF ! High rejection > 25dB on the 40M, 80M and 160M band
  • Less than 8 dBm on the output. (most modern receivers (FlexRadio, Airspy, Icom) can handle these and even more!!!)


  • Reterun Loss VSWR HF 2022-WS-063-HF-S11
  • Insertion Loss HF 2022-WS-063-HF-S21
  • Common mode Rejection HF 2022-WS-063-HFCM-S21
  • Return Loss VSWR VHF 2022-WS-063-VHF-S11
  • Insertion Loss VHF 2022-WS-063-VHF-S21

Bill of materials

  • 1x RF.Guru PCB
  • 1x Female SMA connector Antenna
  • 1x Male SMA connector (screw connector) RX
  • 1x RF shield frame
  • 1x RF shield cover
  • 1x Mini Circuits ADT1-1+
  • 1x Mini Circuits RLM-521-2WL+
  • 1x Enclosure
  • 2x Screw
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